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Far too many women are putting everyone and everything else before themselves and paying the price.

Far too many women are ignoring their own fundamental needs and feeling drained and depleted.

If you don’t actively pay attention to yourself, to your body and to your needs then you can expect a gradual and insidious decline of your energy and health over time.

I know that this year you’re determined to take better care of yourself but how are you going to ensure 2022 is the year when you truly take care of yourself and your needs?

When you usually end up neglecting yourself despite the best of intentions?

Feel drained and depleted when you think about doing anything for yourself?

When you’re a bit emotionally and mentally frayed around the edges?

Regularly feeling that you need a little “boost” to keep yourself going?

Tempted to curl up into a ball and disappear into a vat of chocolate or wine? (Okay, this one is a little tongue-in-cheek!)

But the question is: WHY are you accepting this as your lot?

Haven’t you had enough of going around in circles?

If you’re ready to get curious about how to move forward into 2022 with yourself firmly positioned at the heart of your life then the Commitment To Self Journey is for you.

Together we will: –

Create your vision of how you want to feel, look and be in 2022 and beyond.

Explore some of your self-limiting beliefs around your ability to take care of yourself

Plan out your bespoke self-care strategy and ensure it works for you in the context of your life.

Set a conscious tone of curiosity & wonder for this journey and for your approach to yourself.

Honour your needs and create a relationship based on respect and self-reverence with your incredible body.

Ensure your intentions make the impact you need and offer an ROI for every aspect of your life.

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After working with women for almost 20years I know the reasons we often fail to take care of ourselves, despite the best of intentions.

1. We usually don’t have self-care and healthcare goals for ourselves beyond weight loss.

2. When we do create goals, with the best of intentions, those very same goals are the first things to slide when life gets more hectic or when something challenging happens.

I want you to feel inspired to take better care of yourself, to stop settling for less energy and health than you deserve.

That’s why I have created the Commitment To Self Journey:

Here’s some of what to expect…

💥 Your levels of “meh” and “bleurgh” and “I can’t be arsed” even though you promised yourself you would do all the things for yourself this year will dramatically decrease😀.

💥 You will be elevating yourself in your list of priorities and thus honoring your needs at a whole new level.

💥 Your energy levels will increase naturally and consistently. Let’s face it energy is one of our greatest resources and most women know this flags at times!

💥 You will be expanding your vision for yourself and how you get to feel and be in your body. You’ll be moving away from the acceptance of the “norm” of mediocrity.

💥 You will be unpacking your relationship with yourself and some of the reasons why you don’t treat yourself with the reverence you deserve.

💥 You will be creating sticky habits that work for you in the context of your life.

💥 You’ll cultivate wonder and curiosity about yourself and your choices and have the space to embed what you learn.

💥You will get time with me on a 1to1 basis to map out your wishlist, your personal strategy and what your commitment to yourself looks like in the context of your day-to-day.

💥 You will have an opportunity to benefit from bespoke herbal-based support, prescribed by me for you, to strategically nourish you and to broaden and build your biology (aka increase your body’s resilience).

💥 You’ll have me with you to ease the pressure when you fall into the trap of berating yourself when life throws up a curve ball and the going gets tough.

💥 Together we’ll adjust your specific journey and course-correct as necessary whilst giving you time to live out your intentions.

💥You will have me by your side to provide accountability throughout our time together.

By doing so you can have brilliant energy levels, feel fabulous every day and live your most successful life, guilt-free.

Your investment is £227 per month for 6 months.

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Here’s the practical stuff: –

You’ll receive a 2 hour deep dive 1to1 session with me at the outset to ensure we’re clear on your wish list and your current capacity. Naturally this is entirely confidential.

We’ll discuss any appropriate supplementation which will be strategically targeted for you and your body’s needs.

Each month we’ll be getting together to give you an opportunity to share what’s going on in a hot seat style session. This will be over 2 hours but as schedules are often busy it is drop in for as long as you like/are able.

There will also usually be an element of teach on a relevant topic to cut through the MSM noise that often clouds the actual truth about health matters!

Topics will be culturally responsive based on both the needs of the group and the shifts that occur through our journey together.

In addition, I’ll be holding you accountable in our Voxer group and supporting you to stay accountable to yourself with my support and encouragement along with that of what is going to be a gorgeous community.

We’ll wrap up the 6 months with another 1to1 session to reflect and consider most appropriate next steps for you.

Your investment for this is £227 per month for 6 months.

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