Are you ready to stop crashing and burning every time you’re on a break or taking your business to the next level?

Do you want to be more robust and less likely to get sick?

I’m Louise Westra, an award winning Naturopath who wants you to have consistently fabulous energy levels and a level of health you can rely on for both your business and personal life.

I help tired-out entrepreneurs increase their energy levels by mastering their body’s needs and creating strategies to future proof their health and that enable them to reach their full potential in their business and personal life.

Modern life is full of pressure, it’s so fast, so stressful and as entrepreneurs, we’re probably some of the most affected.

Whether it’s family, friends, or running a business, that we live 24/7, alongside trying to have a life, it can be draining, and exhausting as much as we love it deep down.

That’s why self-care, and taking time for ourselves is so important. It makes us more efficient, more productive and means we stay as passionate and positive as the first day we opened up those doors. And giving you that feeling, every single day, is what I’m all about.
Let’s use the power of nature to master our health and fuel our future.


I’m committed to inspiring and supporting you to create the energy levels and health you always wanted.

after all there’s no point building a business that runs you into the ground!

My Grandmother always used to tell me that if I had my health, then I had everything I needed.

Naturally as a teenager I didn’t really understand the profound nature of her words.

She knew this because she was unwell for a long time and for as long as I knew her, over twenty years, her quality of life was definitely adversely affected by her low level of health.

In my late teens and into my twenties I started to realise that I had a lot of physical health issues, and some mental health ones too. But at that time I was unsure about what to do with any of them. Lots of visits to doctors ensued, lots of antibiotics were taken, lots of pain and discomfort experienced…I was diagnosed with IBS, depression and anxiety.

And then, to cut a long story short, I found myself on the other side of the world in a place where health was viewed in an entirely different way to the paradigm I’d mainly grown up surrounded by. I realised that there were actually trained professionals who could help me.

I also learned that my passion was to help others spend less time and energy searching for answers and start feeling better sooner. I realised that I could assist them in learning about themselves and what they needed to be more energetic, happier, make healthier choices and stay well when others around them were all falling like flies. It was mind-blowing!

Frankly it still is…my clients blow me away every single day and I have the privilege of guiding and supporting them into the full expression of themselves, thus allowing for a level of opportunity and quality of life beyond most people’s wildest dreams.
And to me that’s what mastering our health is all about.


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