But what about the healthy people?…

“But what about the healthy ones getting sick and succumbing?!” they cry.

This is probably the most common question I get asked (especially lately)”How come people who are apparently well can still get really sick from a virus?”

Well, despite someone NOT having a diagnosed disease plenty of people are NOT truly healthy.

And if they’re not trult healthy then they’re still at risk of getting sick.

If you ran tests on the vast majority of people here in the UK and in other developed countries such as the US and Australia, to see what their health status was, I can tell you that MOST would be showing some level of oxidative stress, inflammation and/or metabolic dysfunction.

I’ve rarely seen someone over the age of 40 who doesn’t have some level of blood sugar handling issues. Okay, they’re not (yet) at the stage of diabetes but they do have blood sugar levels that aren’t stable and are causing inflammation and damage in your body.

Plus there are many who have some degree of fatty liver issues especially if they have regularly eaten the ultra-processed pseudo-foods (a.k.a. junk) and/or drunk alcohol when younger.

What someone eats matters. A LOT. This alone will tell me a huge amount about what will be going awry in their body. If you eat junk your cells can only work with that. As a result, the quality of your immune response, your ability to make energy, your capacity to repair the daily damage to your cells will be increasingly impaired.

That ALL leaves you vulnerable to ill-health and ageing poorly.

After nearly 20 years of this work I can usually tell what will be happening with an individual before I even see tests. However, I don’t ever assume and until I have taken a full case history and seen some real information about their health status, I truly don’t care about their outward appearance OR whether they believe or have been told that they have “nothing wrong” with them.

That’s because having nothing wrong medically doesn’t equal everything working optimally.

Let me say that again…

Having NOTHING wrong medically doesn’t equal everything working OPTIMALLY.

In fact, it can actually be very misleading and leave you vulnerable. This conclusion creates a false sense of security because you’re labouring under the misbelief that everything is fine, that you’re fine.

BUT fine isn’t enough. It can still be below par, under-functioning and mean that you’re vulnerable at the cellular level.

So what to do?

Well, getting started with individual clients is a bespoke process and where we start really depends on many factors. However, some general recommendations are: –

Muscle mass is also absolutely KEY. You can have a really great diet and still have metabolic disruption purely because you have low muscle mass.

You can also be muscular and physically strong BUT still be pre-diabetic because your attention to your circadian health is negligible and as a result, your sleep is poor quality.

And you could be strong, sleep well but if you aren’t consuming enough high-quality protein then this could also undermine you metabolically.

The vast majority of people in the UK and US are NOT metabolically healthy. And don’t fool yourself if you’re thin, because if it’s mostly fat and little muscle you’re also on this list.

There’s a sweet spot where your body, hormones and immune system are all performing at their best and thus metabolically you’re at your happiest. To get there is a process that usually requires the support of a practitioner who knows how to support and guide you to a place where you’re feeling consistently fantastic and can rely upon your health and resilience to keep you flourishing despite what you may be exposed to.

If you need help getting started then check out my services here and email me at louise@louisewestra.com to get started.