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Let’s gets real…if you don’t start looking after yourself better, you won’t be able to continue taking care of your children, your partner, your parents, your business and so on!

BUT if we’re unwell less, then we become more consistently able to help others and to run our businesses. Our ability to work, to earn, to thrive is maximised and even if we do become ill, a well looked after immune system means our recovery time is quicker.

So the question is are you ready to feel amazing knowing you’re elevating your immunity WITHOUT having to spend hours researching to know exactly what you should be doing?

Do you want to evolve into the healthy, resilient woman you were meant to be and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re nourishing and supporting yourself at the level you deserve.

Can you imagine how fantastic it would feel to know you can rely on your immune system to stop you catching all the usual suspects?

How would life feel if you could get sick less often and for any illness to pass more quickly?

Imagine being able to take care of your family without needing to use chemicals and knowing which natural products are the most effective for different scenarios?

We can’t control so much of what’s happening BUT we can control what we eat and what we choose to think about and focus on.

And, as an experienced natural health care professional I can tell you from experience: that’s exactly where a healthy immune system starts.

With Your Immune Support Bundle you’ll get everything you need to nourish your body day in, day out AND take care of your family to the level you’ve always wanted.


Now is the time for you to start thriving!

Hey, I’m Louise Westra and I’m on a mission to help you and your family stay healthy and resilient now and for the future.

I’m one of the few Naturopaths in the UK with a Master’s degree in Science so the good news is that I’ve read all the scientific papers so you don’t have to!

That means you get all the good stuff, the practical solutions for daily life so YOU can  STOP feeling crap and start to embrace each day just the way you deserve.

Comprised of: –

14 days of recipes for quick-to-make, yummy-to-eat, nourishing meals:

Super colourful and full of flavour. Eating the rainbow has never been easier or simpler. Getting all the micronutrients and phytonutrients you AND your immune system need. Yes, these might be weird scientific sounding words, but trust me, the principle is simple: these nutrients create a germ fighting, disease resisting natural army that is your best defence and fundamental to you feeling AMAZING!

That’s why you need to eat the rainbow AND to keep life as easy as possible all meals are prep to plate in less than 30 minutes.

ALL the recipes you need for Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners.

Including a planner and the shopping list for all recipes.

PLUS you get recipes for 5 x Drinks and 10 x easy, delicious and healthy Snacks.

BONUS 7 day meal plan: Focused on the food items often found in your pantry or store cupboard.

PLUS your very own treasure chest of natural resources: –

–> Eating for Immunity: the foundation. Learn the principles I use with my 1 to 1 clients to create their bespoke immune boosting plans.

–> Your Natural Medicine Cabinet: a look inside my own medicine cabinet and the items I use to treat the ailments and minor illnesses we all get from time to time. 

–> Your Kitchen Farmacy:  Start using the natural dispensary you already have at home to support you and your family.


–> VIDEO: My favourite strategies for staying calm and beating overwhelm because our response to stress is so fundamental to how well our immune system works.

–> AUDIO: a guided meditation created to support your health and well-being.

You can get lifetime access to Your Immune Support Plan for only £199.  

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