Stay on top of your game this Winter.

Purchase your Winter Wellness box for £78.95.

The Winter Wellness box, for business owners, will keep you on top of your game this winter season.

Save time trying to figure out what to buy as my Winter Wellness box has been created to remove all that hassle because you already have enough going on!

Obviously I don’t need to tell you that being in business for ourselves is amazing! We get to make the decisions and create a lifestyle that really works for us. Woohoo!

At the same time being in business for ourselves can be tough. Often we ARE the business OR at least a really big part of it. And as a result we need to make sure we stay on top of our game pretty much ALL of the time. Otherwise our business may pay the price.

SO I’ve designed the WW box to keep you well!

If you know you get sick during Winter then stop accepting this as inevitable.

I’m providing you with the go to solution. Everything you need in ONE box.

After all, you wouldn’t sit around waiting for something that you knew was bad for your business to just happen, would you? So why would you let this happen to you and your body???

The curated items chosen to go inside are ALL ones I recommend for my 1to1 clients to keep on their medicine cabinets.

I’m Louise Westra, a Naturopath with over 16 years experience helping hard-working business owners reset and regain their health so they stay on top of their game during the winter months (and ALL year round).

Winter Wellness Box


The Winter Wellness kit includes 6 items that I know, like and trust AND that have you covered…

A herbal based Winter tonic that you can use as a preventative  and/or if you did feel unwell.

My favourite supplement that can be used as a decongestant and is a fab way of supporting the immune system through the seasonal change too.

An essential oil mix to use at home.

A gel with decongesting oils in it. A sort of healthy Vicks.

A soothing and palatable Echinacea hot drink.  Just what you need to help fight off symptoms such as aching limbs and headaches when you feel a cold starting.

A lozenge to stop lurgies getting into your body and that can also reduce the severity and duration of a cold.

The cost of the Winter Wellness box is £78.95 and includes all the items listed above AS WELL AS the years of experience I have to know which products are best for this time of the year.

The feedback so far has been brilliant. The recipients have been thrilled to:

→ Know they have products chosen by an experienced Naturopath with over 16 years of working 1to1 in clinical practice, a.k.a. Yours truly!

→ Know that I know, like and trust ALL the items included rather than simply throwing in various things from the same brand to make life easier.

→ Save the time trying to work out which natural products they should have at home for this time of year.

→ Know that they are taking a proactive approach to staying well rather than waiting until they’re sick to start thinking about themselves!

→ Get the recommended products delivered directly to their home.


T&Cs: All items shown in marketing materials, including on this website, are subject to availability. We will do our utmost to provide the exact contents, however, occasionally our supplier may be out of stock and thus we reserve the right to exchange an item for the closest possible alternative. Please note any alternative provided will have been hand-picked by Louise Westra and thus have her endorsement.

Delivery: 2nd class delivery is included to anywhere in the UK. However, if you would like your Winter Wellness box delivered using a tracked method then we can oblige although an additional fee will be incurred.

Winter Wellness box

The cost of the Winter Wellness box is £78.95 and includes all the items listed above AS WELL AS the years of experience I have to know which products are best for this time of the year.

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