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How to eat for the life and business you deserve.

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You have so many things that you want to achieve this year…

So many goals, so many promises that you’ve made yourself, yet a quarter way through the year, you still feel like you have a “next gear” that you aren’t quite shifting into.

Mentally, you feel ready.

But your energy levels still aren’t quite where you need them to be.

Yes the better weather is adding a spring in your step, but you are still a little sluggish and feeling somewhere in the region of “just ok”

I want you to feel amazing.

I want you to feel fuelled to achieve MORE.

More success

More happiness

And more money!

You cannot make the impact you desire if you have big plans and yet ONLY a 1/4 of a tank left in you.

I can teach you how to eat to feel amazing so that your goals don’t take so much from you.

I can share with you the things that certain foods can do for you that will increase your capacity and decrease your stress so you have the energy to show up for your clients at your absolute best, magnetise sales and STILL be a present Mum when your kids get home from school.

I can put you on a fast track to feeling fantastic, meaning you will show up as a version of yourself that people will be drawn to and thus enhance your business success.

I can help you eat your way to more energy, vitality and calm so you show up in your life and business with a new level of resilience you never thought you had.

Because I want you to start getting results quickly and my 1:1 time is limited, I’ve put something together for you at a crazy price so you put yourself first knowing the results will follow.

This introductory offer is only available at £137 until Monday 18th April at 8pm.

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This Mini-Course includes access to the following sessions for the period from Monday 2nd May to Monday 6th June inclusive.

1. Your Food Mindset – Video and written template.

How would you describe your relationship with food?

What are your earliest memories of food?

Are you friends with food or are you wielding it as a weapon, using it as a source of comfort, rewarding yourself with it?

ALSO includes an audio recording to explore your emotional connection to food.

2. Why you aren’t what you eat – Video.

A video overview of what needs to happen to ensure you get all the good stuff from your food to feel amazing all the time.

3. Leave Calories Behind Forever – Video.

Adopt my tried and tested blueprint to revolutionise your approach to food.

Including the reveal of what the perfect diet really is?

Why you need all the flavours to tap into feeling biologically brilliant?

What your choice of plate has to do with your meal?

Ensure you feel full and satisfied after every meal whilst keeping food prep to a minimum and building a new game plan for life and success.

4. Reducing the Negative Impact of Stress With Food – Video


Why you should expect to want junk foods when you’re stressed out and how to plan accordingly.

How you can use your food choices to positively impact your stress levels.

And why you need to eat stressed-out plants to support your own stress levels.

AND more!

5. BONUS template: My Top 10 Stress Fighting Food choices.

ALSO includes: –

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3 x Live QandA sessions: Times to be confirmed.

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