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Tackling Stress

Hey you,

Do you ever describe yourself as feeling stressed?

Or at least find yourself thinking how stressed out you are?

I’d be surprised if you didn’t, at least now and again!

One of the things I see all the time with clients is the fallout from excess stress.

Now, let’s talk about that word, stress, for a minute. Stress is actually a normal part of being alive, it’s everywhere and we couldn’t live without it.

BUT, as humans we often have a turbulent relationship with our stress response. And few people really appreciate just how far reaching the impact of EXCESS stress can be.

For instance, excess stress can challenge our digestive function. You may even know that your IBS symptoms, or indeed any other digestive complaint, is definitely worse when things are more hectic at home or you’re under more pressure in your work.

It can undermine our immune system and make us more likely to get sick more often! If you’re someone who often gets sick when you’re having a break then excess stress is usually the culprit.

Excess stress can also have an adverse impact on our hormone levels and be detrimental to fertility as well as contribute to PMS and what I refer to as the “b@#ch on wheels” syndrome that so many women and men think is a normal part of the month!!

It can make it really challenging to enjoy healthy emotional balance, concentration and restful sleep.

That’s because the balance between what your body is giving out to support and maintain everything you’re up to AND what it’s getting back to replenish and restore itself isn’t adding up. As s result a debt starts to build up in the body and that’s when you start to literally pay the price for that as that debt has to be paid!

There’s no doubt our stress response has certainly served us well for thousands of years it is really geared to respond to immediate physical threats: Take flight or stay to fight.

These days we’re more likely reacting to missed deadlines, relationship issues, financial pressures which may not be quickly resolved.

End result: an increasing strain on the systems of the body including a slow gradual decline for our nervous system, adrenal glands and other organs which leads to all those everyday issues (crappy sleep, IBS, feeling irritable and cranky, sugar cravings and other less than healthy choices…and the list goes on ) that people take for granted as ‘normal’!

But the good news is that with the right strategies you can start repaying that debt.

It probably won’t surprise you that those strategies are a bit more dynamic and targeted than the general “Eat well, Drink in moderation, Exercise x number of times per week”.

Yawn!! As if that is going to be enough when we’re living the equivalent of 2-3 plus lifetimes in one now. Super exciting to be able to travel the world, run our own business even if we’re not in our home office and make our own rules.

But although the body needs more than those generic recommendations the changes don’t have to be laborious, super expensive or time consuming.

BUT you do need to know what you’re doing and make sure that the changes you do implement are right for you and your individual situation.

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