“I’m generally very healthy, sleep reasonably well and keep stress to a minimum, but for weeks I’d been exhausted and sleep alone wasn’t helping me to replenish. It didn’t feel right.

At 39 years old I knew I shouldn’t be feeling like this. I chose to take the Core Nutrition test … The results were really mind blowing. It gave me a glimpse into what my cells need to keep my body performing optimally.


The results helped Louise created a tailored plan that’s specific to my body, my cells and what they need.

After a few short weeks I’m already feeling the benefits…”

 – Laura Perkes, PR Consultant

Isn’t it time you learned more about your specific nutritional needs and what to eat to support them?

Let’s face it every day we’re bombarded with information about nutrition. Eat this, don’t eat that and it seems to change from week to week!

So if you feel overwhelmed and unsure about what’s best to eat for you then no wonder!

If you want to learn which foods are super for you and to support your body and its biological needs then an investment in the Nutrient Core Profile is a great place to start because it takes the guesswork out of things and ensures you get a real return on ingestion.

If you want to get super strategic, build your biological needs into your plan and improve how well you and your body function, then looking at your genomic blueprint is the best way forward. The Nutrient Core Profile is a great place to start as it offers foundational information to ensure you know some of your body’s fundamental needs. The review of the Nutrient Core Profile will give you specific information to ensure you can then meet those needs in your daily life.


We’ll examine the key genes and variants (SNPs) involved in 15 aspects of your health so that you can make the best possible choices around your food choices and eating habits from here on.


 We’ll consider your food responses: –

 To gluten (coeliac disease)

To lactose

 To caffeine

So that you can determine whether these items should be a part of your diet and if so, to what degree.

We’ll get an understanding of your overall pattern of microbiome diversity in your gut and how robust your microbiome is.

We’ll discover whether you are absorbing, transporting and using vitamins: A, folate (B9), B12, vitamins C, D and K to see where you may benefit from adjusting your food choices and where supplementation may be advisable for your unique needs.

 We’ll look at your ability to make glutathione – one of the body’s most protective compounds. Living in the 21st century means this compound is super helpful to have and if you don’t make it then you can plan accordingly to mitigate the downside of this!

 And we look at your metabolism as it relates to your appetite and your inherent ability to regulate it, and your sugar & fat response.  

And we look at predisposition to elevated blood pressure, what your natural circadian rhythm is and where inflammation may be an issue.



 In order to ensure you can start to make the most of your results immediately a 60-minute Zoom review is factored into the investment. 

Your individual results will be explained, specific recommended nutrition and lifestyle interventions discussed and any questions you may have answered.

 And you’ll be emailed a digital copy of your results for your own records and to refer back to at any time.


 “I’m SO happy to have received the feedback for my Nutrient Core Report through the wonderful leadership of Louise Westra.

The results were incredible to receive. Like bits of a jigsaw that help things to make sense with clear actions to enhance myself further.”


Leigh Howes

Leadership and Business Coach & Consultant


Why look at this aspect of yourself?

If you’re serious about building a personalised and proactive performance strategy and/or interested in preventative healthcare then this is a great place to start.

 Variations in our genome (DNA) are what makes each of us unique and can have significant impacts on our life and health. Whilst one gene variant can make a difference, most chronic diseases result from the interplay between multiple common variants (SNPs) and environmental factors.


How does the test work?

 A sample of your cheek cells is collected using the DNA test kit from which DNA is subsequently extracted and analysed. It takes just 1 minute to collect the sample, place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising tablet, complete and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided.

Results take approximately 4 weeks to be ready for review although this can be longer depending on mutual schedules of course.

 This is a home test to collect a sample of cheek cells from which DNA is extracted and analysed.

The test is not impacted by medications, contraceptives, pregnancy, nutritional supplements, exercise or any other environmental factors.

 Worldwide shipping available.

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