Learn more about your specific biological needs and what to eat to support them

Let’s face it – every day we’re bombarded with information about nutrition! If you feel overwhelmed about what is best to eat for you then no wonder!

If you want to know the best way to support your body nutritionally then investing in the Nutrient Core Profile is a great place to start because it takes the guesswork out of it and reveals what YOUR needs really are.

If you want to get super strategic, build your biological needs into your plan and improve how well you and your body function, then looking at your genomic blueprint is the best way forward. The Nutrient Core Profile is a great place to start as it offers foundational information to ensure you know some of your body’s fundamental needs. The review of the Nutrient Core Profile will give you the specific information to ensure you can then meet those needs in your daily life.

Genomics is the study of your genes and their interaction with your environment. And it is changing the future of health and medicine. Variations in your genome (DNA) are what make each you unique and they have significant impacts on your life via their influence on how well your body can meet the demands of your life. Whilst one gene variant can make a difference, most chronic diseases result from the interplay between multiple common variants (called SNPs but I refer to them as “glitches” with clients) and environmental factors such as food and lifestyle choices.

This is what makes genomics so powerful. It can help you to understand how your individual genes respond to different environmental factors and then give you the information you need to make specific, targeted choices that will support optimal function and allow you to really reach your fullest potential.

For example, a recent study showed that people with a certain SNP/glitch (the MTHFR mutation for those of you who like details) are at a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies, particularly with B vitamins. This is because this gene is responsible for converting these vitamins into their active form in the body.

So, if you have this particular gene variant, you might need to supplement with specific B vitamins and/or eat foods that are rich in these vitamins (such as leafy green vegetables) to make sure your body is getting what it needs. And if you aren’t doing that this could be a significant factor in how tired you feel, your brain fog, nasty PMS symptoms and various other things undermining your performance.

This is just one example of how genomics can help you to understand your unique biological needs and then make specific, targeted choices to support optimal health.

By taking care of your organs in the right way for your unique needs, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel mentally, emotionally and physically. And that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on every aspect of your life, including your business. So, remember to give your organs the attention they deserve and build their needs into your strategy!

Why look at this aspect of yourself?

Variations in our genome (DNA) are what makes each of us unique and can have significant impacts on our life and health. Whilst one gene variant can make a difference, most chronic diseases result from the interplay between multiple common variants (SNPs) and environmental factors.

How do we check your genomics?

A sample of your cheek cells is collected using the DNA test kit from which DNA is subsequently extracted and analysed. It takes just 1 minute to collect the sample, place the swab in the test tube with the stabilising tablet, complete and sign the consent form and place everything in the return packaging provided. Results take approximately 4 weeks to be ready for review although this can be longer depending on mutual schedules of course.

Where to start?

I usually recommend the Nutrient Core Report as a starting point as it will help us understand the fundamental genetic interactions with diet and lifestyle and gives us an overview.  It analyses how gene variants can affect food tolerance (and intolerance), appetite control and blood sugar balance, vitamin and mineral needs, detoxification (limited), and susceptibility to inflammation and infection.

 It includes genes that have been shown to affect:

 •             food response – coeliac disease (gluten) and lactose intolerance

•             caffeine – sensitivity and metabolism

•             microbiome – diversity

•             vitamin need – vitamins A, B9 (folate), B12 (cobalamin), C, D and K

•             blood pressure – sodium-potassium balance & salt sensitive hypertension

•             detoxification – glutathione

•             metabolism – blood sugar control (insulin), appetite (leptin)

•             inflammation – specific (infection response) and systemic

•             circadian rhythm – early bird or night owl predisposition

This is a home test to collect a sample of cheek cells from which DNA is extracted and analysed.

The test is not impacted by medications, contraceptives, pregnancy, nutritional supplements, exercise or any other environmental factors.

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