PhiONE Graphene


Using PHiONE Graphene

  • Protects us from electromagnetic radiation and radiation emitted from mobile phones (including the latest models) during phone calls or when switched on.
  • Protects us when the mobile is switched on and during phone calls.

The device automatically starts working when the mobile is switched on. No maintenance required.

It contains graphene, making it effective against electromagnetic radiation emitted by state-of-the-art devices and protects us from harmful radiation emitted by mobile or wireless phones, including the latest models. It does not affect the performance of the phone.

Unlimited service life, as long as the internal structure is not damaged. They are passive transducers and do not filter or store radiation.

When we change mobiles, it can be switched over and used with the new one. Easily attached to the back of the mobile or can be worn as a pendant around the neck. The device starts working automatically when it comes into contact with electromagnetic radiation.

Operating range: 27.56 in (approx.). Service life of the device: Continues to work if kept in perfect condition.



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