Using BIOSPACE Graphene

  • Protects against alterations in the body produced by non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless systems such as mobile telephony, antennas, repeater bases, Wi-Fi networks, radar, power grids, digital meters, and any other system generating artificial radiation

Simply remove it from its packaging and place it wherever you seek protection from electromagnetic radiation (at home, in the office, etc.). You will be protected as long as you remain within its field of action.

Effective range: Approx. up to 9 meters. Durability: unlimited if kept in perfect state of use.

Does not require any maintenance. These devices are passive converters – they do not filter or store radiation. They do not interfere with the proper functioning of other electromagnetic devices in the surroundings. The device starts automatically whenever it comes into contact with electromagnetic radiation.

Keep this device in a dry place away from moisture, perspiration, liquids, etc.



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