£29.00 / month

It’s your time!

Time to stop neglecting yourself and letting other things get in the way of you thriving.

Time to be inspired by other real women who have made the decision to get themselves back on the priority list.

Time to become the woman you were meant to be.

ALL for less than £1 a day!



Wouldn’t it be fab to know you are taking better care of yourself and your family?

To have access to a caring and experienced natural health practitioner who walks the walk as well as being real?

To get practical tools to embed into your life so that you can have the energy levels and health you dream of?

To know that you have a group of supportive women around you that hold a space for you where you can share both your challenges and your wins with no fear of judgement.

To have the accountability to ensure you stay on track with those tools?

To support you to make the healthy choices you aspire to so that you can show up as your best self for yourself, your family and your business?

That’s why I’ve created The Me First Collective and you’ve got the opportunity to become a founding member …

Now’s your chance to go…

From feeling drained in the morning when you wake up to waking up feeling more refreshed than you have done in a long time…

From feeling disheartened about the long day ahead to feeling excited about the coming day…

From disliking your reflection in the mirror to looking in that mirror and seeing yourself smiling back…

From pursed lips and clenched jaws to laughing more…

In The Me First Collective you will love…

Spending time with like-minded women who want to take care of themselves and share the experience with other women.

Feeling that elusive joie de vivre EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Or pretty damn close to it, then…

It’s time to stop neglecting yourself and make sure you come first.

Not in a f@#k everyone else kind of a way!

But in a way that ensures you give yourself what you need to be able to be the women you were meant to be in the world.

Whether that woman is a mother, a business owner, working or not, aspiring to entrepreneurship or is already balancing a family and a profession, it really doesn’t matter.

The point is that women like us are not taking enough care of themselves unless or until something goes wrong!

We need to change that. For ourselves and for the future.

You can stop surviving and start thriving NOW.

Here’s what our founding members of The Me First Collective are saying so far…

–>  “Great to have a reminder to fuel my body better”.

–>   “this morning’s breakfast on the run was inspired”.

–>  “Your meditation lulled me to a peaceful sleep, which I haven’t had in weeks”

–> “a place to be held gently accountable”

–>  “so heart warming that this group provides a safe space for us all to share”

Every month you’re a member of The Me First Collective you’ll receive: –

  •  **4 recipes (usually a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bonus) that are healthy, obvs, and designed to only take 20-25 mins from prep to plate as well as taking into account vegan and vegetarian options.
  • **A weekly movement snack to keep your body moving.
  • **A monthly mindset moment.
  • **A monthly meditation.
  • **A monthly QandA with Louise including an opportunity to have a hot seat
  • ** A monthly guest expert.
  • **Private Facebook group with accountability threads.
  • **Seasonal challenges based on the needs of the group

We’ll also always consider your insights and feedback to ensure that The Me First Collective is the most supportive community for women to explore and up-level their health and well-being.

Doors were due to open again in June at £49/month. However, more women are maxing out and burning out AND so need support now more than ever SO I am keeping the price at £29/month for the month of May.

Sign up today and the price will always remain the same as long as you are a member of TMFC.


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