Natural ways to improve my energy

Consistency & Accountability: your 2 best friends

1 to 1 – consultations for Ongoing clients

Once you feel better and are confident you know and regularly practice what it takes to feel great most of the time I recommend you check in on a semi-regular basis.

This will allow you to share updates comprehensively and have me reflect back to determine where you’re still on track and where you may need a few tweaks to ensure ongoing success.

Having this accountability allows you to continue to make small but significant changes as well as learning more about what your body may be subtly (or loudly) trying to convey!

Consultation time will vary depending on individual needs but 60-90 minutes is the norm.

This process also includes 2 emails after a consultation.

The definition of an existing client is someone who continues to have a regular natural prescription plus/or consultation every 3-6 months.

A 1 hour follow up consultation for an existing client is £175. For every additional 15 minutes thereafter a charge of £35 applies.

Please note for every 1 hour follow up another hour is allocated for an individual case PLUS 2 email responses to a client’s check in emails.

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