wellness coach


If you’re not ready to commit to a longer-term support option then this option is for you.

I don’t want you to be waiting any longer to start feeling amazing every day so let’s get you back on the agenda with this bundle of sessions over 12 weeks.

Here are some things that I believe constitute real health. These are all the things I wanted for myself and eventually achieved.

An abundance of natural energy all day, every day.

Not needing caffeine to fuel you and not panicking at the thought that I’m telling you that you should give it up (even though that’s not what I said).

Rarely cravings things like sweets, chocolate, bread, and pasta.

Waking feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed after a great night’s sleep.

Excited and happy to get out of bed and start your day.

Feeling clear headed and motivated for work and play.

Having the patience to deal with the frustrations of the day without losing your rag.

Moving naturally and feeling like you’ve got a spring in your step.

Experiencing natural hunger and being inclined to eat the foods that make you feel fabulous.

Feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Looking in the mirror and seeing your clear, glowing skin looking back.

Not feeling even tempted when others try to ‘helpfully’ suggest you should treat yourself with something sweet!

Having the mental and physical energy to enjoy those things you love to do.

No need for alcohol to wind down at the end of each day. But equally enjoying a glass (or two) now and again if it’s your thing..

Being much less prone to ‘catching’ anything those around us are getting, like a cold, cough or flu.

Recovering quickly and easily from any short-lived illness.

Booking a holiday knowing that you won’t be spending the first part feeling like s@#t and recovering because you have NOTHING left in the tank from running your business.

Please note this session doesn’t include the cost of any recommended functional or genomic testing, prescribed Bespoke herbal formulas or supplements. Should these be indicated they are all at an additional cost.

All these can be yours. They provide the foundation you need to ensure you’re set up to succeed in
ALL aspects of your life, including your business.

Why would you settle for less?

Online health coach/ing

I’ve always loved helping others although originally I thought my path would be taking care of animals as a vet.

However, I’ve now been working as a Naturopath for over 19 years.

Helping people to find the answers that have eluded them as to why they keep getting sick or are experiencing certain symptoms despite being told nothing is medically wrong with them.

And that’s the thing: an absence of a disease doesn’t necessarily mean that everything is working as well as it should or could be.

Also for people with a diagnosis that can be almost the end of the conversation within the bio-medical world. However, even if medication has been prescribed, this should be the beginning of taking a new road. A road to a better understanding of what may have led to this turn of events; to learn what else can be done to improve how you are currently feeling and the empower you to know that often the choices you make on a day-to-day basis are the defining factors in improving the situation or leaving the status quo as it currently is.

I’m a changemaker and I know that, at heart you are too. But maybe you haven’t even known that there are ways of radically changing what’s going on in your body? That’s why I’m here. To support and guide you through this transformational process.

If you want to take your business AND your life to the next level then you’ll need more in the tank than you currently have.

Proactively expanding your biological bandwidth is the foundation of everything you need emotionally, mentally and physically so you can negotiate the upcoming challenges of life and business with renewed confidence in yourself and your body.

Otherwise you will likely drain and deplete yourself further.

Natural health solutions

A collaborative journey that encompasses

The Discovery process – Getting to know you in the context of your life and everything that you have going on personally, professionally, medically, lifestyle-wise, nutritionally and more.

Zoom sessions to keep you on track with the strategic changes required for your biological needs and to ensure I am in your ‘business’ in the nicest possible way! The more I know the more I can support you.

Additional messaging support as needed/preferred.

Please note this session doesn’t include the cost of any recommended functional or genomic testing, prescribed Bespoke herbal formulas or supplements. Should these be indicated they are all at an additional cost.