I do not have a magic wand!

Yes I can help you rediscover your energy – No I will not be waving a magic wand!


Hundreds. Quite possibly thousands.

That’s how many posts I see each week from the multitude of “experts” who have found the fountain of youth, or created their own “miracle cure” for tiredness, for a lack of energy, for just generally feeling crap! 

Firstly, I’m passionate about honesty. So let me lay it on the line here. There is no “quick fix”. There is no magic wand that can be waved and you will feel rejuvenated overnight.

Let me continue. There are no health experts who have single-handedly cured all ills – it doesn’t work like that! 

Trust me I know. I have my own long and eventful story around health and energy levels. From a teenager who couldn’t summon the energy to make the bed, through periods of my life when I was sick for years at a time to now, a 45 year old who has enough energy to jump out of that bed every morning. I wake up feeling vibrant and full of energy, but I always remember that this wasn’t always the case, and it took years of studying and a real desire to get to where I am now.

So sorry all, but what I provide needs commitment. 

Commitment from you to truly want to change, and commitment from me to work with you. To listen to you and to create a plan that will not only get to work on your tiredness, your fatigue and your crankiness but will also lay the foundations for real epiphany moments and true life changes. 

Like I say – not a quick fix!.  

I will actually tell you what you need to do though, and prescribe the bespoke herbs for you, coaching you into making the best decisions, the ones that will lay the foundations for a new, amazing you. Meaning you decide which actions to take first, then how to continue with your plan so this becomes simply a part of your lifestyle.

But why am I any different to the ever increasing ranks of naturopaths and health experts out there?

At this point let me add – this is not a sales pitch! I am flawed, and in many ways, a pretty average human being. I can not and will not preach to you but hey, this is my blog so here are my thoughts!

Reason one for working with me is simply this – I am a living breathing advert for the power of what I do. I have more energy now than I did when I was 25. 

Reason two is equally important in fact, maybe more important – I truly know what I am talking about! I understand the importance of self investment, so I have taken the time to invest in myself and expand my knowledge in the fields that are essential in enabling me to help you. 

I have studied consistently over the years to enhance my knowledge and my depth of expertise. It’s that commitment word again! I now possess a Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, a Masters of Herbal Medicine and a SVQ Level 5 in Leadership.


These are real qualifications, qualifications that when combined with my years of clinical experience mean I can provide a holistic approach that is underpinned by facts and research. Combined with a dogged determination and, unsurprisingly, boundless energy and enthusiasm!  

So, that’s me. A real person. A person with flaws. A person with my own demons (although, hell yeah, I slayed them)! A highly qualified naturopath and health coach who will totally create the plan that will help you slay yours and reawaken those long forgotten stores of energy that I guarantee will revolutionise the quality of your relationships, your business and your whole life.

If you’re ready for that then feel free to email me directly: louise@louisewestra.com