“Everyone has a cold!”

It’s that time of year when people start telling me how unwell they are and commenting that “Everyone has THE cold”.

To which I reply (really annoyingly for them, I’m sure) …

“Not everyone has a cold” because usually I don’t.

And then comes their retort.

It’s usually one of two things:-

  1. Well, you’re a Naturopath…so of course you don’t get sick.
  2. You’re sooooo lucky.

So, to save us any future conversations along these lines let me spell it out (with love, obvs 😊).

In answer to retort numero uno:  This is absolutely correct. I am indeed a Naturopath. And I’m immensely proud of what I do, the lives that I change for the better and the leadership I show in educating people to not settle for mediocrity in the health aspect of their life (which sadly so many people do ☹).

However, my Naturopathic qualifications, as hard earned as they were, sadly did not come with a certificate of immunity to the day-to-day rigours of life. I only wish they did because then that would be THE best super power EVER (I know…I’m a health geek).

In answer to retort number 2: I do  generally consider myself a very fortunate individual but that’s because we tend to get what we give out 😊.  More specifically my ability to withstand the winter lurgies that so many people succumb to is not related to luck in ANY way, shape or form!

It’s a result of the time, energy and money I have invested in my self over the last 20 plus years.

I’ve been taking care of myself way above and beyond the standard norm for almost half of my life now. And I won’t be stopping any time soon.

My mindset is this…I don’t just want to try to avoid diseases that are largely preventable, I want to live EVERY day with the best energy levels, mental clarity and emotional freedom as possible.

And one of the lovely side-effects from this approach is that a lot of the “normal” illnesses that come and go tend to come less and go more quickly if indeed they do visit at all!

Plus if I do fall foul of a lurgy I know that it’s really unusual  and so I choose to listen to the message from my body and take a moment to reflect on what might need some adjustment for us both.

And of course, as with anything extraordinary it takes consistent action and strategy to do that.

Now, do you need to go to the lengths I go to?

No, of course you don’t.

But, if you do want your body to work above the average experience you’re currently having will you need to invest something above and beyond what you currently do?

Er, yes!!

So stop saying in one breath that you can’t “afford to be sick” and then that you can’t “afford” to get some appropriate natural health solutions in your home to help you feel better.

You don’t need to buy them from me but don’t stop looking after yourself due to a lack (perceived or otherwise) of money.

At the very least make yourself a batch of Kick-a-germ juice whilst you do feel well and get it in the freezer for as and when you need it! And if you haven’t see the recipe for this then head over to my group: The Juggle Struggle and search #kickagerm.

After all, the better you feel and the less down time from being unwell the more time and energy you have to reach your business goals and plan your best life.


Louise ✨